Discover how you can create high quality videos like the pros with unlimited access to fresh, original stock footage.
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Video Toolkit Features:
Massive Collection of HD Stock Footage with unlimited downloads wide variety
Create and sell web commercials, video ads and promo videos to local clients.
Exclusive “SELL” Super Easy Licensing allows unlimited uses and cuts production costs.
Full High Definition video downloads. So you can roll like the big boys

Unleash the Power of Video Toolkits Today!
Leverage this massive and ever increasing collection of HD ready stock video camera footage to create powerful “movie like” videos to impress clients and drive sales using your favorite video editor…

Create “life like” marketing videos

By adding clips of real life, on location actors you can inject engaging footage in any marketing video or commercial.

Unlimited Projects with
no hidden fees

You can use these clips in as many video projects you like including white label rights at no additional costs!

Easy Drag n’ Drop Importing

All of the HD Footage was created with the modern day marketer in mind so it’s easy to export/import everything.

Perfect for Local Consultants

Every local business understands they need video content to compete in 2015 making web commercials a killer offer.
The Secret is OUT… Online Video is BOOMING!

Dear Fellow Marketer,

It’s no secret that online video has taken over in the last year or so and is poised to become the go to marketing medium in the years to come. Not only are users consuming video at all time rates that are truly just the tip of the iceberg but the ways in which you can market with video have improved dramatically.

In fact over the last year or so we’ve seen a rapid growth in technology like VideoMakerFX, Video Sketch Pro and Explaindio that allows the average marketer like you and I to create cool videos relatively easily.

The best part for all marketers is businesses of all types are quickly becoming aware of the need to have video as an integral part of their sales funnels. In a recent survey, 86% of our Business Survey respondents said that they either saw video as important for their business, or were already using video as a key part of their business.

When you combine the massive growth in users consuming video on a daily basis…We’re talking everybody from your grandparents on down are using video every single day…

The Online Video BOOM has created a MASSIVE DEMAND for video production of all types.

By 2015, both Cisco networking and Nielsen market research have projected that video will be the dominant traffic format on the Internet at over 86% of all traffic. Leading eCommerce sites like Amazon (and increasingly Ebay) have long known the benefits of using video, creating conversion rates over 24% higher than their non video enabled product counterparts.

Not only that but according to Borrell Associates onine video production will account for ONE THIRD of all online advertising spend within the next five years! Think about that…

All of this tells you that whether you are marketing for your own business or a clients it’s crucial to be able to create high quality videos to compete in 2015 and beyond. By positioning yourself to provide high quality, life like videos you can clean up on the massive demand and stand out from the crowd.

Despite the fact that video is booming and easier to create than ever, we’ve found that many marketers still struggle to create standout videos is because you lack quality footage!

Savvy Video Marketers understand the key to creating killer videos quickly without major production is using relevant HD stock footage clips…

Although video editing tools have become much easier to use you still need actual video footage (usually multiple clips) to create any type of marketing video.

Sure you can create animated videos and those do work to an extent but many times real life footage is far more engaging for the average user. Live action footage allows you to connect with the viewer on an emotional level which will lead to taking action on your offer.

If you were to go out and shoot every clip you needed for a given project such as a local business commercial it would likely cost you so much that it wouldn’t be worth your time.

That’s why most marketers and video creators turn to stock footage as an alternative. With simple clips you can inject life into your videos and give them a professional appearance.

It’s really the trade secret that allows you to make “big picture productions” on a smaller budget thus increasing your profit margins while keeping the look you want.

Sounds simple enough right?

The problem is finding quality footage can be very time consuming and gets expensive quickly…

Especially if you are creating a video that you plan to sell to one or more clients.

Single clips of premium stock footage can cost as much as $85 PER CLIP. If you want the full reseller license you often have to pay even more than that.

If you needed just ten clips to make one video the costs add up FAST. Even if you outsource the production to a video creation specialist you often have to foot thebill for the footage plus their time.

We realized the for a marketer like yourself who needs video on a regular basis buying stock footage in this manner can be overwhelming and frustrating.

That’s why we decided to create a service that would cut your costs on video footage dramatically while allowing you the unlimited licensing you need….

WIth years of experience in video marketing and video production, and the MyPancho business vision for “SEL” Super Easy Licensing we’ve dedicated our resources to creating people/location video stock footage, so you productions can have that big budget confidence, without the heachaches of per clip licensing and other restrictions

Introducing Video Toolkits Pro is a service that gives you access to a professional collection of live stock video clips designed to enhance your video productions and video marketing with real people camera footage, while saving you the high production costs of location shoots, crews and post production.

No other source library boasts such a deep collection, or is as tailored as providing all of the clips you need, without having to resort to video effects, or worrying about budget restrictions of per clip pricing models.

These Powerful Video Toolkits Work Perfectly with

Virtually ANY Video Creation Software you choose!

Just a few of the many tools that you can use our HD footage with…

Check out an Example of What You Can Create using Simple Video Editing Software…

This video was created using simple editing software (camtasia) and the custom clips from There is no limit to what you can create, ways you can enhance existing videos with backgrounds and real life actors.

With Video Toolkits You Can Create Professional Videos for All Your Marketing Needs…

Sell Video Commercials to Local Clients
The best part about the online video boom is the demand it has created for local consultants offer video marketing services.

Not only are businesses pre-sold in most cases they are also ready to spend top dollar for a quality video.

With video toolkits you can take advantage of the “trade secret” that tons of marketers are using to produce big picture quality without breaking the bank.

Create Engaging “Lifelike” Videos
If you sell anything online then you most likely know that adding a video to any landing/sales page will almost always increase conversions.

The rise of simple editing software like Explaindio and others has made it easier than ever to create simple animated videos.

We all know however that the key to grabbing attention in this fast paced online world we live in…is to stand out.

That’s what you can do with these live actor, real life clips.

Use to Create Unlimited Video Projects
One of the things that sets apart from other stock footage services is the unrestricted nature of the licensing.

Most services charge by the clip and if you want to use it for a client or multiple projects then the price goes way up for ONE clip. With our service you can use all the clips in our collection AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE for all the projects you like!

That means you can profit over and over with no additional costs or limits on projects. It gets better…

During this exclusive Introductory offer you can get started with over 100 clips for pennies on the dollar!
Here’s what is included when you buy today…

Access to Premium HD Stock Footage

With the PRO plan you’ll get access to 100 clips in a variety of niches/themes that you can use over and over!

White Label Resell Rights on all Videos

You can use these video clips for you or a your clients projects and with no restrictions on audience or format

Growing Collection with a Wide Variety of Clips

By taking advantage of this introductory offer you will get continued access with unlimited downloads.

24/ Access with Top Notch Customer Support

We are here to help if you have any trouble with any aspect of the service. We’ve got you covered.
Get Video Toolkits Pro Now for $197 Just…
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Annual License with Locked in Pricing – Cancel at Any Time.

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Plus You Get these Killer Bonuses...

Bonus #1 - Local Video Leverage
In order to help you land clients for video marketing services such as production, ranking or advertising we've included this video training course.

Inside you'll learn a step-by-step system for finding qualified video marketing leads, contacting them with your offer and closing the deal.

Everything is covered including what types of businesses to target and how to get through to the decision makers.

Bonus #2 - Producers Playbook

One of the most difficult parts of creating marketing videos that actually sell is putting together a quality script to follow. In this PDF you'll learn a proven yet simple formula for scripting any marketing or sales video you might want to create.

Most importantly you'll know when create your video that your script will entice viewers to take the action needed to convert them from a casual viewer into a paying customer.

Bonus #3 - Video Ads Arsenal

To help you get the word out about your video marketing services we've also included a collection of premium marketing materials to use as you please.

This package consists of flyers, infographics, postcards and more all geared to sell video advertising services.You get the source .psd files so you can easily edit any of the materials to fit your needs.

Get Video Toolkits Pro Now for $197 Just...
Click the Buy Button Below to Get Started Today... Pro Plan Deal

Annual License with Locked in Pricing - Cancel at Any Time.

This special introductory offer will close in exactly...

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How does the "SEL" licensing work?

You get unlimited uses, and zero restrictions on audience, format or regions. You can use footage over and over again, without paying further fees. There are no hidden charges to hinder your production budget.

Can I get support if needed?

We are here if you need us! If you have any problems with your purchase or accessing the system you can easily get support through our help desk at any time. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service!

Will more clips be added in the future?

Absolutely! That's the major benefit of our service is you pay one low fee for the entire year and as we add more clips you don't pay another dollar to use them!

Am I locked in at the special pricing?

Yep! By becoming a member of Pro you are grandfathered in at the price you see above. You can cancel anytime or renew next year for the same low cost.